Website Design & Content Marketing

Fine tune your professional presence – give the competition a friendly nudge

Clean & Creative

Simplicity is often the best approach to a clean, uncluttered design. However, this doesn’t mean your website has to be boring.

Our designers dare to digitally dream and strive to develop high quality visuals. Using a combination of great illustrations, graphics, photos, and video, we work to capture the essence of your company’s brand as well as promote products and services.

Good Content

The best way to attract people to your website & keep them coming back is to regularly offer something fresh. Your pages should have eye-catching images, enticing product details, service summaries, interesting articles or even short videos that provide current information to your audience.

With the right content you can engage visitors, who became fans of your brand, then followers and eventually permanent customers!

Easy To Use

Not just a pretty page! Sure looks are important, but to turn your web visitors into customers, help them quickly find important things like product descriptions, prices, and contact information.

It starts with good navigation, an organized layout, active links, and photos and documents that open quickly. Don’t forget with today’s range of devices, a website needs to easily function on smart phones and tablets as well as widescreen computer monitors. Right?

Market Reach

Let us do the heavy lifting with important strategies like search engine optimizing [SEO], search engine marketing [SEM]  & content curation. We help create a plan that includes the best available tools for promotion online & in print.

Social media accounts can further your reach. Sharing topics & interacting with buyers, helps build customer loyalty. Yes, there will always be critics, but user reviews provide opportunities to improve your company & promote all its great qualities.


Website Design / SEO

We offer mobile-friendly informational, promotional and e-commerce sites

We Love WordPress! If you have never had a business website, this is your best shot at a virtual first impression. Perhaps you’ve had a site for a long time and hardly have visitors,  then a REDESIGN crafted with our treasure trove of tools can make a big difference. We can create a custom website, but if you want a powerful platform that takes less time to design and has a lot of options, consider the digital equivalent of a face lift using some of your current text and artwork. Big name brands are turning to this incredible program because it works on all browsers, offers mobile-friendly designs that function on all devices, and more options are being added all the time.

Shopify is another strong CMS system we believe offers a great platform for products . It a website and online store combined. After initial setup you can become your own store manager or have someone easily update while you take care other business tasks. Track inventory, send instant thank you emails,  invoices and much more.

Video Production

HD video produced and edited for online Social Media, Digital Ads & Television

Most people look at photos and watch video before the read a single word. Let’s face it, in this busy high-tech world the public’s attention span has shortened as the options to get information have become overwhelming. Video presentation is the way to go!  It doesn’t have to involve supermodels to be super effective.. a mix of high-quality photography, with animated text and voice over, all set with the appropriate background music can get their attention, drive them to your online store, and maybe even go viral.

Our crew will prepare the script, recommend locations, get reasonable performance and voice actors, then edit the final output in various formats for Facebook, YouTube and even cable TV broadcast.

Content Creation

If the thought of writing makes you feel a bit queasy, leave that to our creative thinkers who dream in grammatically correct streams of consciousness!

Without good text (and photos) on your web pages, you won’t get many visitors. Writing has become less formal and more conversational, yet too much hip street lingo and you’ll confuse or turn off some age groups that would be more likely to buy. We use writing and marketing know how to “wordsmith” your story. We create good descriptions of what you do and other lively text that will compel people to check you out and hopefully come back for more.

We also offer high quality digitals photos. We can arrange for a photo shoot at your business (other preferred location) but also have access to professional images, illustrations, and info-graphics that will jazz up your pages and offer more value.

Debbie Warner Apollo Enterprises

Antje (founder of Finessa) is fantastic in her web design & suggestions, she even created a new company logo for us that we absolutely love. Finessa’s ability to place themselves inside our company and see what we wanted to see, and project on our web page is and was remarkable. Knowing all the right questions to ask, how to set it up and how to bring us more up to speed with a beautiful web page. We still have more work to do in fine tuning and once we have the time, we will have Finessa Web Works take care of those updates for us. We are in total support of Antje and her business, and she is the one that can assist you with your website needs.

Debbie Warner, Apollo Enterprises

Pat Hurley playing electric guitar

Antje offers excellent services as far as website designs. She rebuilt my website with a new logo, added all the text, chose great colors and a format to make it very eye catching to the customer. She is very detail oriented and very knowledgeable with her marketing skills. She takes the time to make your website perfect! I highly recommend her to any business who wishes to expand their client base.

Pat Hurley, Guitar Instructor & Player

Paul Renna - VP of Aquatec International

Antje Mills has provided excellent web design and web related services to Aquatec International, Inc. for three years. She has been very professional and accommodating to our needs which has resulted in a very effective web marketing channel. Antje’s company, Finessa Web Works, is especially customer-oriented and proactive, as they continually guides us with recommendations that will ensure we are up to speed with leading edge web techniques and strategies. We very much enjoy our business relationship with Finessa, and we highly recommend their services.

Paul Renna, VP of Sales for Aquatec International

Eileen Gordon - personal trainer

Antje Mills of Finessa Webworks can help with all your website needs.
She revamped my old website and designed a beautiful new website for me !
My business cards were outdated so Antje designed new cards that I always get compliments on,and, even added a great logo.
Antje is so creative and does it all in a prompt and timely manner making sure everything is exactly the way you want it.
The magazine articles she wrote for me were fun and informative, and helped bring in new clients.
I highly recommend using Antje Mills.

Eileen Gordon